Organic Content Standard (OCS)

What is Organic Content Standard (OCS)?

The OCS applies to any non-food product containing 5-100 % organic material.  It verifies the presence and amount of organic material in a final product.  It addresses the flow of product within and between companies, raw material verification, post-harvest processing, manufacturing, packaging and labeling, storage, handling, and shipping through the seller in the last business-to-business transaction.  It allows for transparent, consistent, and comprehensive independent evaluation and verification of Organic Material content claims on products by an accredited third-party Certification Body (CB).

The goal of the OCS is to ensure trust in organic content claims and uses the chain of custody requirements of the Content Claim Standard (CCS).

The OCS certification process:

Application and contract

You can apply online for the OCS Certification or complete the Application form and return it to GCL International Ltd. head office or one ofour localoffice.We will use the application details to produce a quotation.

Once the quotation has been accepted, we will ask you to return a signed copy of the quotation and our Scheme Rules.

Preparation for the Initial OCS Certification Audit

The following documents are supplied prior to the initial certification:

  • Briefing information about the OCS Standard;
  • Standard and Implementation Manual;
  • Document checklist;
  • Inspection report which includes inspection checklists, list of suppliers and subcontractors.

Initial Certification Audit

  • Opening meeting
  • On-site Audit
  • Preparation of Audit Report (including Findings)
  • Closing meeting

Following the completion of the inspection, a report detailing the findings is provided.  Subject to the closure of any non-conformances or findings (if any), a Scope Certificate is issued.

Labelling Release

Whenever the client wishes to have its artwork approved, the proposed artwork and Labelling Release form shall be submitted to GCL International for approval.

Transaction Certificate

  • The certified client may request a Transaction Certificate by emailing us;
  • Send a Transaction Certificate Request form and associated documents to us;
  • If approved by us, the Transaction Certificate is issued to the client.

Re-Assessment or Annual Audit

  • GCL International will communicate with the client to plan for the re-assessment and to determine if there has been any changes, such as: production units, subcontractors, recipes or new suppliers.  An audit report must be completed by the client and returned to us;
  • GCL International will conduct the re-assessment;
  • Following the completion of the audit, a report detailing the findings is provided.  Subject to the closure of any non-conformances or findings (if any), a certificate with TE labelling is issued.

General Publications

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For more information about OCS and its certification process please contact us by telephone or email.