Certification – a global benefit

Certification enhances global trade, and ensures high standards for it too.

With the certifications we support having international validity, it makes sense for them to be available in as many countries as possible.

GCL INTL: local assessment, global certification

At GCL INTL, we understand the interplay of local and global. Companies benefit from globally recognised certification – but want to be able to access training and support locally.

By having a network of offices around the world, our local staff are fully aware of local business practices and opportunities. They are able to offer advice to clients that is appropriate to the local setting – and clients can benefit from the offices being part of an international group.

GCL INTL: a global presence

We have offices across five continents, and in close to 40 countries.  Use the country selector to find out how to get in touch with GCL INTL staff where you are.

If GCL INTL does not have an office in your country, contact us to discuss what options you have for accessing international certification.

GCL INTL: join us?

If you are interested in establishing a new office in your own country, and want to be part of GCL INTL’s work, we’d be pleased to hear from you.

Find out more in our Partner Opportunities section.