FSSC 22000

The Foundation for Food Safety Certification was founded in 2004. The Foundation developed FSSC 22000. This development is supported by the Confederation of the FoodDrinkEurope. The scheme is recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

The Foundation also legally owns the HACCP food safety systems certification scheme. As a nonprofit organization the Foundation facilitates and owns the scheme and manages its copyright with licence agreements. The actual responsibility and authority for the content of the scheme and the delivered certification audits is the Board of Stakeholders, represented by the relevant stakeholders of the food supply chain. Furthermore the Foundation facilitates the NTWG GlobalGap.

Besides the copyright management the Foundation also:

  • focuses on the international compliance and adaptability of Food Safety Standards
  • focuses on the development and maintenance of certification and inspection systems for Food Safety
  • promotes the international use of these Food Safety systems
  • provides services to support the certification of Food Safety systems
  • provides information on Food Safety issues