Our new brand… GCL International…


I wish to inform our clients and interested parties about a re-branding exercise which we are embarking on at Globalgroup.  As you may have already noticed, our brand is changing to GCL International Ltd.  We have agreed a three-year transition period with our Regulators (including UKAS and FSSC) and during this period the Globalgroup brand will be replaced by the GCL International brand.

During this 3-year period, I wish to reassure you that all Globalgroup branded certificates remain valid.  These certificates will be replaced with GCL branded certificates during the recertification process.

The legal entity of our Company has not changed; for this reason, our existing contract, terms and conditions remain valid.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local office representative.

Relocation of our head office…

Part of the transition period referred to above, has also included a relocation of the head-office from Edinburgh to London.  This brings us closer to our Regulators and also more accessible for our global partners.