Lifts Directive 2014/33/EU

What is the Lifts Directive?

The Lifts Directive 2014/33/EU covers various aspects of Lift Safety and essentially performs the dual function of:

  • Promoting free movement of lifts within the Single Market
  • Guaranteeing a high level of protection to lift users and maintenance workers
  • All lifts to be sold and installed in the European Union must meet the requirements of the Lifts Directive.

The requirements of the Directive are addressed to lift installers and components manufacturers but also have important implications for lift owners and users.

Our Approach

GCL INTL is a UKAS Accredited Inspection Body and Notified Body under ISO 17021 and ISO 17020 covering the Lift Directive.

Being a Certification, Inspection and Notified Body allows us to offer you a fully integrated approach to Conformity Assessment. This saves you time as you are no longer having to deal with two organisations. It also reduces cost and avoids the possibility of conflict.

Our sophisticated IT systems allow you to login online, make applications and check the status of your projects – saving you time and money.


Lift Directive Approvals

  • Annex V Final Inspection of Lifts
  • Annex VIII Unit Verification
  • Annex XI Full Quality Assurance
  • Annex XII Production Quality Assurance

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