Unit Verification Lift Regulations

How can I apply for unit verification?

If you have a requirement for Unit Verification under schedule 9 of the Lift Regulations 1997, then follow our simple on-line application below.

The documentation is internet-based, starting from your initial application through to printing off the final Certification of Examination. This gives you control and visibility over the entire project.

Making unit verification easier – online

Our on-line check lists will assist you in developing and submitting the technical dossier with snagging items and actions being monitored, controlled and signed off on our secure server.

With your dedicated access to our on-line system, GCL INTL offers you a complete solution for unit verification, one which is both simple to use and cost effective.

Step 1

Complete the on-line application form, giving us both your details and those of the lift requiring unit verification. Our sales team at Global Certification will then forward you a price via email for your approval and acceptance.

Step 2

Once you have decided to proceed with the project follow the link in the email and just click ‘Accept’. Your project will be logged onto our secure server and you will be sent details via email of how to gain access to our website services.

Your project will be assigned an engineer who will liaise with you over critical dates for both the submission of the technical dossier and the site inspection.

Step 3

Using our on-line help, develop and submit the technical dossiers to Global Certification for review. Any comments or action required will be posted on-line for you to access. Once they are completed, submit the online form and we will arrange with you a suitable time to carry out the-site inspection.

Step 4

The inspection of the installation and review of documentation takes place and the engineer uses a report.

If successful, the engineer signs off the snagging list. Once we receive a copy of the signed test certification the project is released. You can then print our electronic ‘Certificate of Examination’ and raise your declaration of conformity.

Apply for Unit Verification